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From Tel Aviv to Capetown, from Munich to New York - Luísa Lión is a real globetrotter. And from all places she travels to she takes colours, forms and pictures as inspirations back home. It comes as no surprise that her first jewelry collection “Globetrotter” is also inspired by her travels: Typical objects like suitcases and luggage tags are put on necklaces and rings, recognizable motives stand for Luísas favorite places. The palmtrees and LA lettering symbolize the city of angels, where Luísa used to live for a couple of months. The most personal piece in this collection however is the cute Airplane ring, that is inspired by a tatto on Luísas wrist. All pieces are produced with the 3d printing method. They are made of high quality sterlin silver and can be plated in gold or rose gold.

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