Zodiac Seal Pendant Rose Gold Vermeil


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Zodiac Seal ia also available in 925 Silver, Gold Vermeil and 14ct Solid Gold (585 Gold).

- made of 24k Gold Vermeil or Sterling Silver
- each piece is locally hand-finished
- we use only the finest recycled gold and silver
- all materials are ethically sourced in conflict-free zones
- each piece is made-to-order to avoid mass production and focus on quality
- all of our products are sent directly from the goldsmith to minimise carbon footprint
- hypoallergenic
- pendant 19x17 mm

Under which moon we were born is a guideline to finding the universe we hold within. Whether we wear our own Zodiac sign or that of someone we love, the meaning we find within is up to us. In need of our personal interpretation. Our Zodiac Seal collection consists of twelve medals. Each one our take on the classic star-sign design.

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